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And someday, far off in the distant future people will look at your photos and know you were here and thought the exact moments were special enough, worthy enough, to share with the world.

Each event is a spot in time that will live on through your generations. Like you, I imagine my future grandchildren, bouncing on my knee as I tell them stories of long ago events and show them faces of those that dreamed, smiled and loved.

My promise to you is that when you look at these pictures, you will see more than a snapshot; you will see the whole. You will see smiles, distant glances, wide eyed children, wagging dog tails and perhaps even me, dancing to my favorite song at your wedding.

I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter as well as my four legged friends that I consider family. Thankfully, I rarely run out of energy and get up each and every day with the excitement and challenge of a new day!

My life, I imagine is much like yours. I am a mother, daughter, wife and dog lover. I love a good story, happy endings and the magic that exists in everyones eyes when they smile.

It has been said that one picture speaks a thousand words. A photograph is a snapshot of a special, happy time that also says: I was here. As generations look through what they will see as old pictures, they will all know that not only were you there, you were joyous and this moment was special.