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Shades of Images

Shades of Images
by Andi

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If I were to post my resume here, you would learn certain facts about me, certain truths and compare those to other strangers with their resume and photos pasted on a website.... I have chosen not to do that.

I invite you to take a few moments to look at the photographs on my pages that have meaning to me, but caution you, that they may be empty to you. On the pages here is the truth, the real life, and the photos that have touched those I have been lucky enough to capture, if even for a moment. I guarantee that to those people in the photos, they capture the feeling, the mood, the smell and the taste of exactly the moment.

Take a look. Listen to the songs. Eat the cake. See the tears...That's what I do....

Throughout my career I have taken pictures at hundreds of events, all of which meant something to those being photographed and all of which were hand picked by me. I could overwhelm this area with photos of brides and grooms, cakes and flowers, but as you see, I chose only a select few photos to represent the real me.

I believe strongly in values. I believe in making friends, listening to people with questions, taking notes, and being present. As you can see, I am not your typical photographer.

My studio help which consists of my two best friends, Dempsey and Mitzi ( my dogs) and my husband Kenny. These studio helpers are worth more than any help I could hire. They provide the inspiration needed to be great...

Anyone can post a resume.....Anyone can snap a photo.

Very few can capture the smell of the frosting on the wedding cake or the laughter of a bride during the ceremony. I have been able to do just that.

Glance at the photos I have selected and imagine yourself there........IT"S EASY